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Tips and tricks to get salon quality glamorous blow-dried hair at home.

By Katie Danby

My name is Katie and I am part of the team at Salon Brewood, Cannock. Like most woman, I like to add volume to my hair. I like it to be silky and glamorous, so that I feel good about myself all day!

Here is my guide so that you can try some of my tips and tricks at home to get glamorous blow-dried hair, as an alternative to flat and messy.

You will need:

  1. A round brush. I like to use my Paul Mitchel Express Ion. The barrel heats up from blow drying and helps speed up drying time.
  2. A good hair dryer with a nozzle. A good hair dryer is the best product you can have. If you’re going to invest in any hair tool, I would recommend you invest in a good blow dryer more than anything else. I use the ghd Air which is fantastic to use and has lasted well over two years!
  3. 3 products: L’Oreal Mythic oil, L’Oreal mousse and Label.M volumizing spray.
  4. Rubber band, clips or whatever else you’d like to hold your hair up with.


Steps to a Perfect Blow Dry:

After washing your hair, towel dry your hair to get all the extra water out, then put in your products. For a voluminous blow-dry, put in the Clynol mousse throughout your hair, roots to end. Then apply a volumising spray such as Clynol thicken hair spray. Apply it at the roots and work in a little L’Oreal Mythic oil at the ends for heat protection. Work the L’Oreal Mythic oil in from the chin down if you have long hair.

Once your products are applied, rough dry your hair with a hair dryer. Rough drying means that you use your hands and no brush. (There is little point in trying to create shape while you’re hair is soaking wet).



Your hair takes shape from damp to dry, NOT wet to damp so you don’t want to waste your time and effort at this point. It can also take away a lot of volume if you overwork the hair. Rough dry it almost entirely, around 80% dry.

Focus on the roots and blow dry upwards. This will help give volume as you don’t want the hair to be slicked to your head.

Next, divide your hair into clean sections. You don’t want them to be too big or messy; they shouldn’t be wider than the width of the brush or taller than the depth of the brush. Put everything into a high bun, except for the back section.

Start with the back section of your head, using a really good hair dryer (ghd Air) with a nozzle. TENSION is the most important thing to get a really smooth blow-dry. Starting with the roots, wrap your hair around the brush once entirely.

The first time I wrap the hair around the brush, I don’t go all the way to the ends.  I start with the roots, then mid shaft, and then the ends. When pulling the brush through my hair, I’m always doing it in an upwards motion that way, you get curl and volume. If you’re pulling it straight down, you’re losing volume and curl.

Next I basically work my way all around the head in tiers the bottom and then the next row and the next row above that. Once I get to the crown, I’m left with the crown area and the front, a bit like a U-shape. Now you’re really focusing on volume. You want the top section to have the most volume, so be sure to dry it in an upwards motion.

Once everything is dry, roll each of the top sections back up in the brush and blast with cool air until it’s completely cooled off. Twist your hair in the brush very gently without pulling too much to give it a little curl.

Final results, beautiful big hair. Enjoy!