Stop feeling under the weather and start feeling brighter…

During the winter months it is easy to feel a little bit down and glum.  As you look out of the window and all you seem to see is dull skies, wind and rain. You do live in the UK remember! Here at Salon Brewood we enjoy giving all our clients a little lift. How do we make your hair feel more special?

We do this simply by using superior products in our Salons.

We don’t just use any rubbish plucked off the shelf in a stock warehouse. We take the time and care to source and order products in bulk both direct from the brand suppliers and selected warehouses. One particular product we have found to give great results is Clynol Moisture Hydration Shampoo. We use this shampoo on all of our clients because it gives an amazing, moisturised, smooth and silky finish. It is packed full of nourishing hydration and boosts moisture as it cleans your hair. It really does give your hair that extra special look and feel.

Quite often clients ask us for an additional conditioning treatment too. These are available for only an extra £3.50 on top of any wash treatment in our Salons. The treatment uses Clynol Moisture Restore Conditioner to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft. The conditioning treatment leaves your hair feeling revitalised, glamorous and smooth.

Once this treatment has been applied, either in the Salon or at home, straightening your hair with a set of ghd hair irons (using a heat protection spray of course) will give stunning results.

Visit us at Brewood or Cannock and see what a difference our selection of products can do.